There is a considerable number of car garages out there that offer repair and maintenance services. Some provide outstanding services, while others tend to be substandard. This is why it is important to take your time when choosing a service garage for your vehicle. The following list will help you distinguish between a good garage and a poor service centre.


Just because a garage has been operating for over 30 years doesn’t mean they have plenty of experience. This all comes down to their employees, as they garage may only have novice mechanics who are just starting their trade. When choosing a garage for a car service in Canberra, make sure you select one that has good mechanics with many years’ experience.

Great Online Reviews

The best place to get recommendations is from family or a friend, if you can’t do that, your next option is online. Type in some key phrases to help you find a reputable car service garage in your area. Once you have found a few, you can then look for reviews from previous customers. See which one gets a 5-star rating and book an appointment with that garage.


A good quality car service garage should offer reasonable prices for their service. If the prices are cheap, it should raise questions about the quality of their service. That doesn’t mean you should go for high prices as you will probably find the same service somewhere else for a lower price. Compile a list of garages and compare their prices before choosing.

Customer Service

When you arrive at a garage you should immediately notice their professionalism. The place should be well-run and the staff attentive and well-dressed. Although all garages are full of grease and equipment, you can still find some that are well-maintained and clean.

Dealer Garage

If you drive a Toyota and there is a Toyota garage in your area, it makes more sense to use them for a car service. They tend to have all the right equipment, parts, and training for your specific vehicle. You’ll have access to highly skilled technicians with lots of experience.

When choosing a car garage to service your vehicle, there are several factors to consider. A good garage has many characteristics, such as experienced staff, quality equipment and excellent customer service. Usually, they have been in business many years and have a great reputation within the community. They’ll offer high-quality services at an affordable price.