This is a conversation that many people have, every single day, all across Australia, and many decisions about what form of transport to use for everyday trips, always leads back to 2 types of transport, the car and the motorbike. Yes, a car offers you a lot more space inside, but it doesn’t offer the freedom that a motorcycle gives you. Then, there is the fuel economy to look to, and in the past, the motorbike would win this hands down, but now cars are becoming much more economical, and that argument has weakened somewhat. Then, there is the resale value, ease of parking, and comfort.

The benefits.

However, even though the number of cars in Australia greatly outweighs the number of motorbikes, having your very own motorcycle can be massively rewarding. Another reason to choose a motorcycle is that you can qualify for Yamaha motorcycle finance in NSW, quite easily, and if you choose to, you can sign the paperwork, get an immediate decision, and ride your new motorcycle home, that same day. Here are some great benefits of purchasing a motorbike instead of a car.

  • Avoid traffic jams – Many motorists spend a great deal of their time every day, going to and from work, and during that time they are stuck in traffic for about 150 hours every single year. If you look at that in terms of days, that’s almost a week sitting still, doing nothing. On your motorcycle, however, you can easily move through the traffic, and avoid such traffic jams. 
  • Easy to park – We have all been there, when we have had to drive around the block again and again, trying to find a space to park our car. This issue doesn’t exist with motorcycles, because this vehicle requires very little space to park. Car parking spaces are expensive, while your motorcycle can fit into any available space, anywhere. 
  • Less fuel used – Your motorcycle has a smaller engine, and therefore it uses less fuel. However, most motorcycles nowadays, can keep pace with the speed of most cars, and you get to save all of that money on fuel bills, over the course of the year. 

These are only a few of the many benefits of purchasing a motorcycle instead of a car, and if you haven’t been able to make up your mind up until now, then hopefully this list will have helped you somewhat.